Chapter 690

Lawrenceville, GA.

Hangar Use Policy

As approved by the Board of Directors on June 7th, 2011.

The EAA Chapter 690 Building, located at the Gwinnett County/Briscoe Field Sport Aviation Center, is primarily for the use of Chapter members and scheduled Chapter activities. The following guidelines shall govern the use of the building:

1.  The building is available at all times for individual member “drop-in.”

2.    The priority for use of the building is first for Chapter events and meetings, second for Chapter member’s individual use, and third for outside groups.

3.    The “hangar space” may be used by members for limited aircraft maintenance and repair, provided it does not interfere with other scheduled group activities.

4.    All activities, including #3 above, will be scheduled in advance and recorded on the master Chapter event calendar.

5.    A Chapter member will be designated as Event Coordinator to be responsible for compliance with building use procedures for each event, activity or non-affiliated group use.

6.    Cleanliness will be maintained at all times.

7.    Safety will be considered in use of all furnishings and equipment.

8.    Furnishings and equipment will be returned to designated storage areas after use.

9.    Conservation of electricity, telephone, water, heating and cooling will be observed at all times.

10.    Smoking will be prohibited within the building.

11.    Sale or service of alcoholic beverages by EAA Chapter 690 is prohibited.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors (BOD) shall coordinate the scheduling and use of the Chapter building. This responsibility may be assigned to Chapter members, especially those responsible for regularly scheduled Chapter activities such as meetings and pancake breakfasts, or to those responsible for specific building areas, such as the tool room and/or the upstairs library.

Chapter members individually and each activity Chairman using the building are responsible for assuring proper scheduling, planning, use and cleanup of the building areas used.  The Event Coordinator for a “non-affiliated” group event will be responsible for complying with current policies.

Each use of the Chapter building where non-members may be invited or may attend must be covered by liability insurance under the EAA Master Policy or “single event” insurance.  The dates of standing Chapter events (Pancake Breakfasts, Meetings, Young Eagle Flights) for each year are provided to EAA-Oshkosh at the beginning of that year.  The details for all other events must be submitted to EAA-Oshkosh at least 30 days prior to the event for their approval.  If approval for a non-affiliated group’s event is denied, then the group must obtain single-event liability coverage naming “Gwinnett Experimental Aircraft Assoc. Chapter 690, Inc., its Officers, Directors and Members” as additional insureds.  The cost of such coverage shall be the responsibility of the group.

There shall be no facility use fee required for Chapter sponsored activities, events, programs or workshops. A minimum user fee of $10/day will be charged individual members and non-affiliated groups using the building. These fees are intended to help defray the costs of maintaining the building.

Use of the building must be scheduled as far in advance as possible. Chapter sponsored events are given the highest reservation priority, followed by individual member use, and then non-affiliated group use. Conflicts will be resolved by priority assignment under the leadership of the chairman of the BOD. Scheduling is done on a 12 month calendar posted in the Chapter building.  Adequate time must be reserved for preparation and clean-up.

The Chairman of any events will be furnished with a Chapter Hangar Use Application Form by the Chairman of the BOD. The purpose of the form is to assist chairpersons in planning their event according to current Chapter guide lines. It will include scheduling, planning, use of the building and clean-up. These forms are to be completed and returned to the chairman of the BOD, upon conclusion of the event, who will file them for future reference.

Plans for an event will determine what building facilities are needed. Use of the existing configuration of building space and facilities is encouraged.  However, special requirements can be approved by the chairman of the BOD or his designee.
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