The DC3 that wasn't there . . . and then it was! The DC3 that wasn't there . . . and then it was! Loaded up with all the items needed for the DC3 weekend 199849065 Unload the trailer 199849066 Sorting out the bits and pieces 199849067 OK, how does this work now? 199849068 Got it together 199849069 Nearly ready but the weather is not so good 199849070 Saturday 9-26-15 we are set up and waiting for the weather to clear 199849071 The GARS ham radio folks got set up and running but the weather never cleared so no DC3. 199849072 . . . and than it was! 200282141 Alex got his first DC-3 flight! 200282142 200282143 200282144 Captain Johnathan one of our YE and Pietenpol builders in the left seat. 200282145 Greg Jannakos took his grandsons on a flight to remember. 200282146