Chapter Activities Chapter Activities Sabrina Smith with Citizens for a Better Gwinnett presented a program on the status of Briscoe Field as they saw it. 132242428 Fred Meyers cought in the act of working. 132242431 132242430 132242434 132242435 132242436 132242437 132242440 132242439 132242441 132242443 132242445 132242447 132242446 The hat signed by Paul Poberezny is a keeper for Laura Bishop. 132242952 132242949 132242433 132242429 132242954 132242432 132242955 Rod Hightower at Peach State Aerodrome for a town meeting shortly after taking the helm of EAA. Joel Levine photo 132311200 Duane gets a big kiss after presenting Elgin with his completion award for the StarJammer. Don't ask me. I'm just the photographer. 132311202 132311203 Elgin demonstrated what the prop of the StarJammer should look like. Joel Levine photo 132311204 132311209 138193122 Just a portion of the group that gathered in front of the 57th Fighter Squadron restaurant to honor Bob "Punchy" Powell at the dedication of the P-51 in his fighter livery. 139776117 We only remember the good times. 139776758 Gilly Smith received the coveted EAA 690 mug for his January 2012 presentation of the sailplane Flight Across America to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Wright Brothers. 146964342 Jerry Fischer and Dave Henderson talk about the first flight of Jerry's completed RV. Do you think Dave flew the RV with his eyes closed? 146964343 John Slemp photo of Duane Huff and his grand daughter, his 600 Young Eagle. Quite an accomplishment. 148627444 Michael O'Neal receives the coveted 690 crystal mug from Lee Olson after his program on his experiences as a flight instructor. The program was most interesting as well as humorous. We now understand why Michael has so little hair. 149104150 151886682 151886683 151886684 It was Lnor Levine's birthday so we celibt\rated with a cake presented by Jill East and Linda Hockman. Levine photo 151886685 Chapter president Steve Ashby presented the road map to the next years for the group. Levine photo 151886808 After sitting out it was pretty dirty. Part of Saturday's clean up tasks. 152288594 And it's still in need. 152288596 Duane and John making a management decision. It's history! 152288597 Saturday March 2013 spring clean up work crew. 152288598 Some of the work crew. 152288599 what is the hidden meannig of John throwing up his hands. Maybe we should re-think the whole event? 152288600 You want me to do what? 152288672 What do you mean, hold on while we move the ladder?" 152288593 Duane - it's not safe standing under this .... 152288601 Well it's up. Now to define temporary. 152288595 Ken Sharp receives the coveted EAA 690 Crystal Mug from Lee Olson for his program on flying the Grand Canyon at the April 2012 Chapter meeting. 153651803 155773450 The June 2012 program was presented by Dakoda Neilson. Listening to Dakoda makes me feel confident in the future of our young people in aviation. Nice project and nice presentation. 157557618 Most of us could not have built a turbojet engine in our senior year of high school. 157557619 Shown here is the turbine and the fuel burn chamber. Check out Dakoda's web site - under Senior Project to see it run! 157557620 Debi Huffman accepts the Chapter 690 crystal mug from President Steve Ashby and VP Lee Olson after the July program recapping the Aviation Summer Camp. 160415819 Herb Rusk, a member of Silver Wings Aviation Fraternity presented the program on the recent SW convention held in Atlanta. 170286426 Here Herb accepts a Chapter 690 crystal mug from Lee Olson for his program. 170286425 Our guest speaker for the January 11th regular monthly meeting was Mr. Jeff Kanarish. Jeff spoke about his experiences flying the A-10 "Warthog" during Desert Storm - the battle for Kuwait. 173421040 Fred Huppertz presented "Frpm props, to Jets, to Props, to Jets to Props" at our March meeting. Truly a fascinating story. Now we know why we call him Col Fred! 176320634 Son Paul and wife Ann joined Fred for a photo. 176320835 Fred wih son Paul, Ann, brother-n-law Paul Kelly, grand-daughter Rachel and niece Mary Jane. All enjoyed hearing Freds exploits. 176320836 A special thanks to Bill Bell who presented a program on "Who Flew First" at the Nov. '13 meeting. Was it Bill or the Wright Brothers? 186619608 The Chapter booth at the March Perimeter Mall Camp Expo 197880363 The young man had a great knowledge of airplanes. Good job dad (a corporate pilot). 197880364 John Patchin presented a status report on his RV-4 build . . . 200282079 and received the ubiquitous Chapter 690 presenters mug from president Randy Epstein. 200282080 EAA President Jack Pelton addressed the Town Meeting at Peach State Aerodrome in March 2016. 15 plus chapter members attended. 201236996 A few of the Chapter members with Jack after the Town Meeting. 201236997 Larry Jordan accepts the coveted EAA Chapter 690 Coffee mug from Randy after his presentation on Angel Flight. 201276045 John and Wes calibrating one of two new monitors donated by Sharp Corporation. What a welcome addition to the chapter A/V equipment. 201325203