Chapter 690

Lawrenceville, GA.

Air Academy - Oshkkosh, Wisconsin

If you have someone that has attended our Summer Camp and wants go to Air Academy in Oshkosh, EAA 690 can make that happen.  The EAA offers five levels of camps for your camper. Once you select a camp you will want to apply for the camp. The Advanced Camp for 16-18 year olds is the most sought after camp because it includes seeing Air Venture in progress. Those wanting to attend the Advanced Camp should apply in December prior to the year they wish to attend.

When you apply for an Air Academy camp DO NOT indicate that EAA 690 is sponsoring you.  We have found that this is not the best approach to maximizing our use of dollars to send campers to Oshkosh.  Once you finish the application you will submit it and pay the required deposit.  The next step is to apply for a Campership.  After your acceptance and you are notified of being awarded a Campership you will need to make your airline reservations. 

You will need to fly into Appleton, Wisconsin and the Air Academy Staff will pick your camper up.  Once you have made your airline reservations you will want to submit the receipt to our Treasurer for reimbursement.  If your camper is under the age of 16 you can expect to have to pay the airline a fee for handing your camper traveling alone.  You should send these receipts to us also.

We hope that this will help those going to Oshkosh for camp.  If you still have questions please feel free to contact Randy Epstein.

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