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Lawrenceville, GA.


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 “Innovator Aircraft” designed by Richard Hogan


The July Aviation program was presented by “Innovator Aircraft” designer Richard Hogan. Richard and his crew are located here in Atlanta at Air Acres near Roswell, GA. “The Innovator” is a new, clean sheet design, two-place aircraft with an expanded performance envelope while featuring a 60” wide cockpit. The versatility and speed range are born out of a unique 3 surface approach with a canard, main wing and tail.


The aircraft will be introduced at AirVenture 2014 but was previewed with Chapter 690 prior to Oshkosh. The how and why of the clean sheet design where shared as well as what discoveries were made along the way.


Richard is an aviation enthusiast, EAA chapter supporter, pilot, aircraft builder and designer. A business leader for over 35 years, Richard created several successful start-up companies built around his designs. His personal product designs represent over $80 million in current annual sales. Three years ago, Richard left his position as CFO for an Atlanta based engineering company to focus full time on The Innovator Aircraft and Commuter Craft. He did the same presentation for Chapter 690 that he will do at AirVenture. He brought the full cockpit simulator so people can "test fly" the Innovator. Ship One should fly before Oshkosh but with Oshkosh looming was not ready to fly into Lawrenceville.


A Nice Thing Happened to Jerry...

Jerry Fisher was kind enough to share this letter he received from James Maher, the Homebuilt Review Chairman during AirVenture 2013.  Apparently, Jerry's RV-1 was scheduled to be prominently displayed in front of the crowd, and weather prevented that from happening.  Read the letter to know why EAA is "back on track" with its members.

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